*hears one second of sound from a lotr movie* are you watching lord of the rings

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Nashville’s “up and coming areas” means:

If you survive the next 3-5 years without being shot or assaulted in your neighborhood, your property value is going to be outstanding. Come one… Come all, hipster conquistadors. 


Zach // Paige Denim
by Davy Kesey

if you can grow a man bun, fellas’— do.it. 
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Marty Robbins “Devil Woman”

Here’s one of the best voices to ever be heard, featuring a 1962 single, both written and performed by the great Marty Robbins.

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~   Vessantara, 'The Heart' (via windhorsepublications)

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Pluck of the Irish

Tomorrow as I watch Hozier live, I’ll be praying that the girl I booked at our own venue for tomorrow night isn’t as weird as I think she’s going to be.

mjmoss asked:

Looks good!

mmm— so good. Even had some biscuits!

southern fried to some blues
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I feel incredibly much like something big is about to happen. I have this insane feeling in my chest— like everything is about to be turned upside down in all the right ways.


It’s a Justin Townes Earle kinda day.
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I would date a man with face tattoos. Sorry, Mom. 

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